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Cast your vote
Cast your vote

Cast your vote

I have kept my mouth shut this political season. With the exception of a few comments on Twitter during the debates, I haven’t posted anything of a political nature, here or on my Facebook page. This was intentional. I’m tired of all of it. It’s no secret that I’m pretty liberal; reading between the lines here or checking out my sidebar would tell you that. I just made the conscious decision to keep my mouth shut, because if I opened it I wasn’t going to stop screaming.

It is Election Day here in the states. Whatever your political leanings, please go vote. It is your right and your privilege and your duty. Men and women have fought, suffered, and died for your right to cast your vote. By refusing to participate, you dishonor their sacrifice…and relinquish any complaint about the government. Bitching about the weather you may keep.

Here in the House of Chaos A has requested that today we study poLITics. Not POLitics, poLITics. As I laughed myself to tears, his reply was, “Tomayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto, what’s the difference?” Oh, my dear child, for the laugh you gave me we’ll study poLITics today.

First lesson? A field trip to the voting booth.

Whaddya think?

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