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catching up
catching up

catching up

I have no reason for being gone so long, other than just busy. And when I get super busy, I get stressed. And when I get stressed, my creativity goes out the window. Add to that computer problems and I pretty much crawled into a hole the last few days. And I feel like I’m in a hole today. I’m just knock-down, drag-out exhausted. I think I ate something with gluten in it and my body is not happy. I suspect the longer I’m gluten-free, the less it will take to knock me out. Like my tolerance is much lower or something.

So today I’m doing a little bit of catch-up as I’m crashed on the couch watching the Broncos game. And my laptop is again getting painfully hot on my lap…stupid Princess.

Yay! Bling! Two very lovely ladies awarded me the I Love Your Blog Award: the very awesome Unplug Your Kids and Denise at EatPlayLove. It’s so good to be loved (and I just love this graphic):

And if someone who uses WordPress could show me how to put just images in my sidebar, I’d be ever so grateful. I have a ton of bloggy love bling I’d love to put there. Please?

I’m passing this along to Karen at Pediascribe, who is, at this very moment, moving from Ohio to Florida. I hate moving with a wild and desperate passion. The last two times I moved into a new place it downpoured after a long drought, so I’m not a fan. And moving cross-country, into a rental as your house is being built, really ranks pretty darned high on “things I don’t want to do right now.” So while Karen is moving, go back and read her archives (she’s been pretty silent lately because of the move, but she’s worth it). Leave her some comment love. Send her a virtual cosmo or something. ‘Cause moving bites. Love you, Karen! Can’t wait to meet you next summer! 🙂


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