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Do something. Anything.
Do something. Anything.

Do something. Anything.

I am the living, breathing example of Newton’s First Law of Motion. Getting moving and getting stuff done is nearly impossible some days, and nearly impossible to stop other days. If I have an early appointment, I go all day and accomplish much on the mental to-do list. If I have a late appointment, or nothing scheduled, it is exactly the opposite.

Guess which kind of day I’m having?

I scheduled a late afternoon acupuncture appointment for today, thinking that would be easiest on my family. Tom is working and I planned to set the boys up with a movie or something. I really should have made it an early appointment/movie for the boys. I seem to be physically unable to get it in gear today. There’s certainly plenty to do; being gone for 2 weeks will do that.

But there’s so much to to and all of it needs to be done rightnow. And so I am paralyzed. Do I call and set up appointments first? Or do I try to get my computer fixed first? OY! That’s going to be another cost…and my flute is in the shop right now and that’s gonna cost too (I should call and check on it). Should I write a post for this blog, or get my butt in gear and get something posted at the Rocky Mountain Moms Blog? (Note: needs to be done ASAP). Do I try to get XMAS cards addressed? (Yes, I know…maybe for Groundhog Day). Or do I apply the purchases I made from Uppercase Living before my New Year’s party on Wednesday? Ay yi yi…I need to get the house cleaned up before that party. Should I try to get the tree and decorations put away? That needs to be done before Tom leaves (but we got the lights down at lunch…good thing, too, we’re under a high wind warning). It appears my desk vomited while I was gone; where did all these papers come from? And do I cull the boys clothes first (thankseversomuch for having yet another growth spurt so soon after the last one) or find a place for their XMAS gifts? When should I start making up the food for the party? And that budget has been waiting for me for finish it for weeks. I need to put together a “hey people, these are the guidelines for box top collection!” poster for the free money program at the school, but I need my scrap room to do that, and it appears to have been hit by a craft missile.

And, and, and.

And so I sit, paralyzed by choices, reading blogs, answering emails, farting around in general. I need to leave in 45 minutes. Spinning the wheel of paralysis….sigh…I’ll call to get my computer fixed. It’s in bad shape, and my modem/router keep jacking with me too.

And next time the appointment gets made in the morning.


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