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Friday Fragments: July 10, 2009
Friday Fragments: July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments: July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments?

Ahhh….Friday…let’s Fragment.

  • I have been knock-down, drag-out exhausted lately, for about the last week or so (Tom thinks it’s been longer). I either ate something with hidden gluten and it’s kicking me in the teeth, or my thyroid is frakking with me. I had the blood draw yesterday to see if Ye Olde Thyroid is pissed off. I really hope it is, I’m sick of being this wiped.
  • I BIG PUFFY HEART summer camp. The boys have been gone all day, all week and it’s been delicious. I love my children to the ends of the earth and back, but we just can’t be on top of each other all day every day.
  • My hips hurt (yes, it’s a whiny Friday Fragments). Possible reasons include the 2 hour yoga class yesterday (miracle I made it, as I was cross-eyed tired), the 20 pounds I could stand to lose, or just getting older. I suspect it’s all three, combined with me sitting cross-legged at any chance. Gotta keep my feet warm somehow!
  • Something is dragging Princess the PMSing Laptop down. Her CD/DVD drive is officially not working (and I’m not going to fix it, either), and now she…is…working…so…slow. Yeah, I have seven windows open, and nine tabs active in Firefox. But she’s slower’n molasses in January if I have everything closed down, too. Prissy bitch.
  • While having the boys in summer camp this week has been wonderful, there have been issues. On Monday, when I picked up J, A ran smack into a puddle of water on the floor and cracked his head on the cement floor. On Tuesday, J had a pinched finger and was cuddling an ice pack. On Wednesday, A got hit in the face by a frisbee, got a bloody nose, and had to be talked down off the anxiety ledge. On Thursday, wait…nothing of note. Whew. But there is still today, and the day is still young.
  • Search terms this week: lots of interest in kids’ blogging sites…and nothing else of interest. Kinda disappointed.
  • Finally, if anyone sees my summer, please let me know where I can pick it up.


  1. Theresa

    Pssst. Remember this mom blogs? It’s me, and I am hunting down all of my favorite bloggers! I missed you!!

    And that summer camp? That’s kinda scary! Hopefully there won’t be anymore mishaps!

    Hope your hip pain is just yoga over-do. And summer is being fickle here, so I hear ya!

  2. My hips ache, but only when it’s going to rain. Unfortunately, I have no exercise to blame it on. Good for you on the 2-hour Yoga class-I’m impressed!

    There’s almost nothing worse than a slow computer. I’ve been known to be on two at the same time, because of sluggish speeds. heehee

    Good luck with the answers on the exhaustion issue!

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