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Friday Fragments: July 17, 2009
Friday Fragments: July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments: July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments?

Wha? It’s Friday already? Huh? That can’t be right…crap. Oh, hang on…I have to go find a broom. Gotta sweep up all the brain bits that are scattered all over the floor, at least the ones the dog hasn’t eaten yet.

{whistle while you work}

Ok, a nice lil’ pile of brain bits. Shall we pick through them? If we’re lucky, there will be more bits than lint and dog hair, but no promises.

  • Pandora radio is my new BFF. I type in a piece or performer I like, and I get all sorts of awesome music in the same style. I have several stations in a wide variety of genres (bluegrass, folk, classical, new age), but I’d love some new suggestions. Who/what do you like and why?
  • My folks are coming tomorrow and the house is a sty. Guess what I get to do today while the boys are at camp?
  • When is the absolute best time to discover you’re at your highest weight ever? If you said three days before you go to Hawaii with your husband (it’s a business trip, cross my heart), you’re right!
  • It’s finally starting to dry out and get warm, after an extremely moist spring and early summer. I’ve never seen it this green this late into the summer. Great for fire prevention, but my garden was pissed. I’m actually getting tomatoes now, and the chives and mint may be preparing for a violent coup.
  • My current favorite quote: “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort”–Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Favorite search terms this week: “karma payback is a bitch yahoo” (o-kay then); “divorce final, should i change locks out” (yeah, you really should); “how to complain about a doctor’s office” (two ways: loudly and with the chance the police will be called, or just leave and blog about it later); “an instument never seen in a marching band (that could be anything, but my money’s on anything seen in the front of an orchestra, anything with a double reed, or anything with bellows); “political things to ponder over” (pick one, there are plenty. I recommend starting with working mothers: Moms Rising. You want society to be successful? Support moms. We’re raising the next generation and working to support ourselves and the previous generation.)
  • A few nights ago Tom heard a whump against the side of the house. He went outside to investigate and discovered a red-tailed hawk sitting on our satellite dish, making an evening snack of the baby robins in the nest up there. Mama and Papa robin were on the next house, making an unholy racket. All I could think was, hey, birds, you left your babies there! Aren’t you supposed to sacrifice yourself for your babies? Tom couldn’t do anything ’cause he couldn’t reach the dish and was hesitant to throw anything up there, for he’d likely damage the dish, and wouldn’t that be an interesting service call?
  • I’ve started buying school supplies and I couldn’t be happier. One month and two days to go. They’ve been out for two months and two days. Yes, I count.
  • I bought my own domain recently and am working on a design with an extremely patient designer. The new place will be awesome.
  • If I make it to mid-September before breaking down and getting an iPhone, it’ll be a miracle. I just need to stay away from the Apple store and I should be fine.

And the rest is crumbs from breakfast, belly-button lint, and dog hair. Have a great weekend!


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