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Fruity Pebbles are neither fruit nor pebbles. Discuss.
Fruity Pebbles are neither fruit nor pebbles. Discuss.

Fruity Pebbles are neither fruit nor pebbles. Discuss.

Do you eat sugary cereal? I never got the stuff growing up, the closest was Cinnamon Life. Except when we went to Grandma’s house. Then we got the kid stuff. The little single-serving boxes of sugar cereal were always in the bottom cabinet for the grandkids, down where we could reach them in the morning and let the grownups sleep in. Looking back at that now as an adult, I’m not so sure that was a great idea. The parents slept in while the kids got a sugar buzz, ready to attack them when they stumbled out of bed desperate for coffee. But it was fun for us.

In college I fell in love with Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal (mmmm….I’d buy it now except hiding a big box like that is tough) and Oreo O’s. Don’t know if they make the Oreo cereal anymore, but dang, it was good. But not with milk. Never, ever with milk. Milk just ruins the joy that is sugar cereal.

I buy the little boxes of sugar cereal for the boys, to be doled out only when they have eaten a healthy breakfast that includes an egg. They don’t get them very often. Very rarely, as a matter of fact.

Sometimes I buy Cap’t Crunch, but only to run it through the food processor to make crumb coating for baked chicken. Darned good that way.

I have sugar cereal on the brain today because we went for pancakes this morning here. How many places do you know of that serve Oreo pancakes with marshmallow fluff and hot fudge, or the Fruity Pebbles pancakes that A only stared at? (He wasn’t feeling well, which really hit home, ’cause he’s usually a pancake monster…but he ate them for lunch and declared them delicious). And poor A had no idea what Fruity Pebbles were and just stared at us like we’d been smoking wacky tobaccy when we tried to explain it.

Thanks to the miracle that is Tivo, we watch few commercials. Do sugary cereal commercials still try to justify that it’s “part of a balanced breakfast” by adding eggs, toast, bacon, and juice to the scene? Or have they pretty much given up?

I guess I should be thankful that I don’t get a lot of “I want” when we go down the cereal aisle (except for Life cereal). I don’t want to be pestered to get sugar cereal when that stuff is just sugar in a box. It’s a matter of time, though, before A spends his own money on a box of high-fructose corn syrup processed Technicolor junk and brings it home to share with J. And I will simply make pancakes from it…as “part of a balanced breakfast.”

Whaddya think?

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