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Go give some love and hug your kids
Go give some love and hug your kids

Go give some love and hug your kids

I read blogs for a solid year before I started blogging myself. That was eons ago in internet time. But there are still several blogs I read now that I read then, or started reading shortly after opening my own online doors. When you read of others’ lives, you really get to know them, at least the online version of them they publish. You cheer for their successes and your heart breaks for their hardships. They may live in your computer, but they also live in your heart. They are the friends you know only by their words and see only through your monitor.

One of the early blogs I read was Mir’s, of Woulda Coulda Shoulda.

Her writing is honest, witty, and transparent. If you’ve ever read her blog, you know this as well. The stories she shares of her kids are hysterical and familiar. But she has had one unholy hell of a 2012. Her daughter Chickie has been very sick this year, with multiple hospitalizations.  Today she shared the frightening and ongoing horror that is her daughter’s health. I cried. Her fear is just so raw.

Go over to Mir’s. Give her some love. Don’t give suggestions or recommendations or assvice. Just love. So much love that she and her family are wrapped in it and have the strength to continue.

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