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My dear friend Denise, who lives mere minutes from me and is actually friends of friends related but I met her bloggy-wise…deep breath…passed along this lil piece of bling:

HOnest Scrap

The Honest Scrap award is given by other bloggers who consider a blog’s content or design to be brilliant. The awardees must then post ten honest things about themselves and pass the award on to other bloggers who fit the bill – in other words, whose blog is brilliant.

  1. Although I shouldn’t, I feel kinda guilty about accompanying Tom on this business trip to Hawaii. It’s really and truly a business trip, and it’s not costing us a cent to go. Well, except for paying for legroom. I’m damned tall, and a 7 hour flight in the sardines section made me lightheaded. LOL! So that extra four inches in economy plus is well worth every cent.
  2. I should be packing for my trip right now.
  3. I’m considering taking some auditions this fall. I just heard of an open 2nd flute position in a local orchestra. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the maestro is the dude who dumped me from the orchestra I was to play in this spring.
  4. If I don’t get a chair somewhere I’m going to find some other musicians and start some chamber groups. I miss playing.
  5. School starts one.month.from.today. Totally excited and not ashamed of it.
  6. I’m doing a neighbor/stranger a favor and saving boxes for her (she’s moving). They’ve been sitting in my living room all weekend, and I’ve been waiting for her to show up. I don’t have a phone number, just an email for her. She has until tomorrow night, then my folks can break them down and drag them to the curb for Tuesday’s recycling pickup. If I had a stranger saving me boxes I’d haul ass to get them. Grrr…
  7. I’m actively working on balance and productivity in my spare time. I think that’s the secret for me to not losing my mind.
  8. I think I broke my scale. At least, it whimpered when I got on it the other day.
  9. I’m taking something like 8 books on this trip. It’s likely I’ll only read one, if any. Optimism reigns supreme!
  10. I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. This trip may be my best and only hope before I get too old, too rickety, or too freaked out to try. I really hope I get a chance. If I had to choose between surfing and snorkeling, it’s surfing all the way. So I can say I did it.

And now I shall pass this along to some friendly bloggers who I feel deserve it.

Tiffani is another blogger I discovered lives locally and I’ve actually met. She has true Out Of The Box thinkers as children and is a delight to read. I truly feel less alone after reading her posts.

Dawn is about the most honest blogger I’ve ever met. ‘Nuff said.

Theresa is back, and I couldn’t be more happy. She’s the first blog I ever commented on, and she replied to me, which just sent me over the moon and is why I reply to 99% of my comments.

Christina is another “lay it out there” blogger. I’ve met her, too, and can’t wait to go for wine next time I’m in Chicago. I adore her and her strength.

And now I’m off to pack and bed. Play nice!


  1. I don’t think Hawaii and guilt ever need to be in the same sentence – it’s HAWAII woman! Go! Enjoy! The rest of us are depending on you, you know. We have to live vicariously through you because nobody’s taking US to Hawaii any time soon LOL.

  2. 1. I LOVE that you are trying to find ways to play the flute again. You need it.

    2. Hawaii sounds wonderful. What Robin from Israel said.

    3. Thanks for the snaps!!! I’m horrible about passing those things along, but for this one, I have a few in mind…

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