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How to beat cabin fever
How to beat cabin fever

How to beat cabin fever

Today cabin fever drove me out of the house with the boys. To the mall. Two days before Christmas. In a snowstorm. To see Santa.

One of Tom’s coworkers asked if he forgot to up my meds for the holiday season.

I avoid the mall like the plague between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, so today was unusual. But we were meeting a friend there so the kids could play at the indoor playground and run their crazies out. J got to sit on Santa’s lap (A? Are you kidding? Last year’s photo was an anomaly, never to be repeated), I got to hit the Apple Store to fondle drool plan my next purchase and get help on syncing my iPhone with Princess’s new hard drives, the boys got lunch at MickeyD’s. A good day.

Skreeeetch!!!! Ok, huge digression here. I went searching back through my archives to find last year’s Santa photo and came across a couple posts that had me shaking my head. I easily could have written them this year. Remember, last month, when we went to Iowa and the bed nearly killed me? I wrote a post about the frakking bed and how it screwed with me last year too! I just got Princess the PMSing Laptop back this week, but she was messing with me at this time last year too! Ok, I hereby declare, in front of the Internets and the Whole World, the follow vows:

In 2010 I will not sleep on the guest room bed at my in-laws house because it does painful and dangerous things to my anatomy.
In 2010 I will purchase a MacBook Pro because Princess is on her last legs and I can’t take another year of this.

Please remind me of these as I get closer to our May Iowa trip and Back to School Apple sales (last year, didn’t Apple have a sale of “Buy a MacBook, get an iTouch? ‘Cause A could totally go for that deal! LOL).

Back to today’s trip to the mall. It wasn’t bad. Helps that we got there shortly after opening. Parking spot near the door. Only had to wait 10 minutes for Santa and 0 minutes at the Apple Store. Ohhhhh…..Apple Store. Purty, shiny, functioning computers…..ahhhhh….. Sorry…distracted by shiny things. The afternoon went downhill after we left and the boys decided to Be Brothers On Vacation. AKA “Annoy Each Other Until Mom Loses Her Shit And Orders Everyone To Separate Rooms So She Doesn’t Kill Anyone.”

Good times, good times.

Now? Back to baking and wine drinking and Chex Mix eating (that stuff won’t see Christmas Day at this rate) and wine drinking and gift wrapping and wine drinking.


  1. I finally had to break down this summer and tell my parents that we just couldn’t handle the guest room bed any longer. In response, they spent the night in that bed, and by morning, they were making plans for a new mattress. They actually did it in a way that made sense: They took the OLD mattress from the master bedroom and put it in the guest room, and then they got a new mattress for themselves. (Their old mattress was still really nice.) Is there any way Tom could ask them to consider it? And maybe your Christmas gift to them next year could be new sheets, or a new mattress pad, or something?

  2. I agree with Shelley. We’ve said the same thing to Spouse’s parents, but they just got all insulted, like how dare we insist that a 35 yr old mattress might be old. Now we stay at a hotel, which is just fine with me.

  3. JenC

    I slept on what must be the twin of your inlaws guest bed at my inlaws for several years (it had also been my hubby’s bed when he was in middle/high school, but had the added bonus of being in a damp semi-finished basement!). Now I use my kid as an excuse to get a hotel. They were put out at first, but then I let him have one good tantrum at their house a couple of years ago. Suddenly they agreed that having everyone have their own space is a good idea. Maybe it’s time for a few good meltdowns at the grandparent’s house…

  4. ella

    Oohhhh, how I covet the shiny toys at the Apple store. Alas, this is not to be the year my Christmas/birthday presents are from the Apple Store. Sigh… may you have more luck this year. Careful with the meltdown at the relatives’ house idea. My sister-in-law thought it was perfectly acceptable to hit my child as he was suffering a meltdown after enduring a week at their house. Needless to say, we haven’t been back since. Here’s hoping your in-laws are much saner than mine :-)!

    Have a merry merry Christmas!

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