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I don’t know what I expected to see in there…a unicorn maybe?
I don’t know what I expected to see in there…a unicorn maybe?

I don’t know what I expected to see in there…a unicorn maybe?

A had an endoscopy this morning. Just checking to see if he has celiac disease. Or a small gnome causing trouble. The jury is still out which it is. But I learned a few things today.

A’s stomach and esophagus are just lovely. Gooey and slimey and everything intestines should be. Inflamed, yes, but they smiled when the doctor took the color pictures. So I now have 9 charming pictures for the scrapbook; hope I can find paper or stickers or something to do them justice. Glitter, perhaps.

My son is a hilarious drunk. Or, rather, he is extraordinarily amusing coming out of anesthesia. Let’s see…he banged his head at least twice on the railing trying to get out of bed…we gave him a popsicle and he practically shoved it up his nose…and what’s more fun than a precocious seven year old, still druggy, talking politics with the recovery nurse? I wish I were kidding.

So now we wait. Two weeks, as a matter of fact, because that’s the soonest I could get a follow-up appointment with the doctor, and he won’t go over the test results before then. I’m trying not to make a voodoo doll of him and just go with the flow. A will go back on the gluten-free diet, so at least his post-nasal snurking will end thankyouGOD! and I’ll chat with Dr. Google over the few preliminary results I do have. Unfortunately there was no neon “YES! I do have celiac!” or “NO! No room at the inn!” signs, so who the hell knows what’s going on. I suspect it’s going to be what my gut was telling me: no celiac, but something funky with him and gluten and then he’s off to my acupuncturist and I sell a kidney to afford both of us going there. You only need one, right? Even someone with a loooong history of plumbing problems? Right? The things we do for our kids…


  1. Christina Shaver

    I know far too well that feeling of gnawing on every single finger and toe nail waiting for test results. I wish I had good advice for you! But seems you already met Dr. Google, as you say.

    Next time you’re up in this next of the woods, if you’re interesting in traveling farther north to the Lake Geneva area, there is a place called Pathways that may be right up your alley. Check into them. I think they may do online/phone consults too.


  2. Wow. Poor little fella. Hope he feels better and his tummy get squared away. I cannot imagine the fear and frustration of fiddling with diets and such and a kid with an icky stomach. My heart goes out to you. Good luck. And a hug to A. Sounds like he might need it after the scope thing. Yurk.

  3. Poor thing…I hope he’s free and clear.

    Speaking of things we do for our children. My daughter just wanted a drink of water (it is 3:30 am) and I just fell down my entire flight of stairs. My left cheek (an no, no the one on my face) is throbbing beyond belief right now.

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