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I think I know what writer’s block feels like
I think I know what writer’s block feels like

I think I know what writer’s block feels like

A tightness around the head.
A stuffy nose that won’t stop running.
Sneeze attacks.
A complete inability to form coherent thoughts.

No, wait, blame allergies. Allergies causing writer’s block.

Allergies caused by the extreme wind today. How extreme? We’re looking at possible 80mph winds tonight. There is nothing behind our house but a construction site…dirt and pollen and not much else.

When the wind dies down and my allergies calm enough to breathe/see/think, I’ll write again. Michelle wrote an excellent post a few days ago (here) about blog writing. I read it, yesterday I think (time runs together when you can’t breathe), and I can’t get it out of my mind. She makes so many good points and I need to chew on them. Mouth open…can’t breathe. ; ) But I realized while reading her post that I tend to write about the same things lately. Roger the Wonder Shrub (the rhubarb plant hell-bent on world domination), the construction behind my house, my complete lack of dealing with stress. Update on those three? Roger is large and bushy, and has yet to be harvested; the construction is still loud and now dusty; my stress is still in the red zone, thanks for asking. Oh, one thing about the construction…if you knew there was a high wind warning for the next 18 hours, would you leave a 100 foot high construction truck fully raised? Me neither. When I find it collapsed tomorrow morning, I’ll post pictures.

So I’m going to figure out what I want to write about and how well and how often. As for now, the Benadryl has kicked in and the mattress beckons.

Whaddya think?

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