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I’m not dead yet!
I’m not dead yet!

I’m not dead yet!

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I just tripped and went flying around for awhile. I’m still here, just shaking and looking around going, “Wha? Where’d the last week go?” There’s nuts around this house, and then there’s this last week.
We had a guest stay with us. A stayed in J’s room while she was here. That’s always good for losing the evening as the two of them screw around.
Friday was the lottery draw for the school we want A to go to next fall. He didn’t get in on the first lottery and is now waitlisted. Friday was so stressful I spent the whole day in a near panic, to the point that I nearly ripped out my poor husband’s throat. I blame the drugs I’m on for this chronic sinus infection. I’ve become an insomniac, irritible, and have lots of nervous energy. It’s a lot of fun. And there’s another lottery draw this Friday, so I get to go through this all again. And another draw, if necessary, next Friday. Just put him in the freakin’ school already!
Friday night went to a Slumber Party. Fun. Don’t ask what I bought. 😉
Saturday I hosted a Stampin Up party. I never have this much fun on a weekend!
Sunday was the Super Bowl and mass craziness.
Monday was errand day.
Tuesday…is a whole ‘nother post. But it was sucked up by a looong drive, more nervous stress, uh, more stress, and culminated in a chocolate lovers fling by my mom’s group where I ate a lot of chocolate and we all talked about sex.

In the meantime, Tom and I have realized that we have a couple of really good mimics in this house. J loves to do whatever A does; yesterday A got him to “aaa-oooo-gaaaahhh” his own nose, and they both play “monkey see monkey do” with each other, usually at dinner. They play that game when they aren’t pushing the kitchen table back and forth at each other. IKEA makes really good, inexpensive stuff, but this kitchen table is lighter than anything in the house and makes a really good tennis ball.

It’s 60 degrees out today. In February. In Colorado. I picked out the tree we’re going to plant. In April. Tomorrow it’s going to be even warmer. Maybe I’ll go sunbathing.

We’re about to start the (marriage-defining) experience of home renovation. It’s time to finish the basement. Sunday we’re going to the home and garden show and start finding builders. This oughta be fun. Tom can compare it to a root canal, and I have childbirth (once without drugs). This is also the year we celebrate 10 years of marriage. If we survive this to our 11th year, you know it’ll last. ; )

That’s about all the rambling I can spew now. I’m still here, just spinning those plates and this one fell. At least it’s the plastic one with the snap on top. ; )

edit: Um. Yeah. If you heard a wall-shaking “WaaHoOOOOOOO!!!!” about 4 pm MST…yeah…that was me. We finally got the phone call that A got into the school we wanted. PM kindergarten instead of full-day (though that may yet change), but he’s in. I think I hurt my throat. It was worth it. : )


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