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It’s the most…hideous time…of the year

Anyone else changing health insurance plans this year? The joy of having Tom work remotely for his company is that I get to sit in on the insurance conference calls. Someone shoot me. It’s the mental equivalent of a rusty rod up your butt. The idiot from the insurance company has the tact of a 2 year old. I finally had to leave the room or I was going to find a way to reach through the phone lines, rip out his larynx, and feed it back to him. I doubt insurance would cover that, but we’re far enough into the year that he’s probably hit his deductible and it might be covered 80%, but only if the doctor he went to was in-network. I’m sure he checked the doctor’s network status this morning, right after his morning constitutional and before his coffee. It’s no wonder families go bankrupt because of medical bills; health insurance is a nightmare.

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