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Life happened
Life happened

Life happened

The world didn’t end! The sky didn’t come crashing down! After roughly seventy straight days of posting every day (thank you, NaBloPoMo, for getting me started), I missed this weekend. And…nothing happened. Well, my stats went all roadkill on me, but life went on. I could sit and state the eleventy-billion reasons for my inexplicable absence, but it was just a case of life happened.

And oatmeal.

Never heard of the Oatmeal Festival? You’re missing out. Seriously, it is a celebration of all things oaty, with the world’s largest topping bar. I met Maris of In Good Taste there (a lovely gal) and had a tasty breakfast. Dude, oatmeal with Nutella, macadamia nuts, and butterscotch chips is the breakfast of champions. I did pass on the sour gummy worms though. I have standards you know.

And rocks.

Rocks. So harmless out in nature, so dangerous in the hands of little boys. A threw a rock at J yesterday…may I present a most impressive shiner (sorry I forgot to tell you mom):

It’s even gotten more colorful since I took these pictures this morning. I may be taking bets on “What Color is J’s Eye Today?” as the days go on. We’re calling it a “bad decision accident,” as it happened when A was revving himself to hyper and didn’t/couldn’t think. He feels terrible, and I’ve never seen him so contrite. Every time he looks at his brother, he’s reminded of what he did. I think it’s a good lesson for him.

And health insurance.

We found out on Friday that our monthly health insurance is going up almost $300 a month, for the privilege of an insanely high deductible plan. To say we are not happy would be a great understatement. In a year when the economy finally looked our way and thought, “Hmm, things are going too well over there, time to screw with them,” we have income going way down and insurance going way up. Those are the wrong directions for sleep-filled nights.

And job searching.

There doesn’t appear to be a huge demand for hiring a woman who’s been the CEO/CFO/COO of House of Chaos, Inc. for the last several years. A job for me is out there, we just haven’t been properly introduced yet. And once we meet, flirt, and exchange promise rings, we’ll have a hard time keeping our hands out of each other’s back pockets and playing tonsil hockey under the bleachers. I just want it to show up in the next few weeks (see previous note on sleep-filled nights).

See? Life happened. Just your standard weekend here.


  1. So I found your blog on a google hopscotch, looking for information about finding a bloggy platform for kids. I read that post, and you had me at “a thousand suns…”
    I need to come back when I have more time, but I am totally digging your sense of humor and writing style!

  2. Theresa

    Ouch! That must hurt! Boys and rocks…or, um, anything else that can be thrown.

    Sorry to hear your health insurance went up. 🙁 Having gotten pooped upon by the economy over here, I can so relate to the frustrations. Doesn’t help that I have to postpone my own job hunt until I can get this back of mine straightened out…

  3. Me

    My poor little J! And my poor little A! Your lil’ bro still laughs about the time he and a few friends got into a “rock war” in the alley, and he came in bleeding profusely from a cut above the eye. Dad about fainted, thinking he was bleeding from the eye. Aren’t boy’s fun??! (Being the only daughter in a family with three sons family, I speak from MUCH experience!)

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