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Miss Alaneous
Miss Alaneous

Miss Alaneous

Just one thing after another…

  • A is working on his Pinewood Derby car for the race next weekend. It has been a mess of sawdust and sanding and painting. There has been less profanity from Tom than one would expect.
  • Tom is finally home from his second business trip in as many weeks. The boys are over the moon to see him, and I can finally relax. A little.
  • My brother is being transferred to Germany next month for a year. We are considering a Christmastime trip to visit him and his wife. With the boys. And my parents. Someone please tell me this is not a bad idea because the thought of an overseas flight with my SPD/ADHD child is making me hyperventilate.
  • It is a delicious 64 degrees F right now. In January. It will not last, but tonight we grill! :)’
  • My parents are coming out this week and I can’t wait. The boys can’t wait. They can’t wait. We’re all pretty much in a breathless state of excitement.
  • Is it a bad thing that there is a 1/4 inch crack upstairs, between the wall and the ceiling? Yeah, I thought so. Who am I supposed to call? And don’t say the builders…’cause I’d really rather walk barefoot over broken glass than have to deal with them again. The front stone and stone trim outside is disintegrating and falling off the side of the house. Again, would rather walk on broken glass. I’m sure the builders are ever so proud of their handiwork. Morons.
  • Friday is February. This is not only the month that should fall off the face of the earth (and ooh, it’s a day longer this year…yippee), but the month that I have to start signing A up for summer camps. In fact, I have to sign him up for his #1 favorite camp in the world before the end of January to get the early bird discount. Summer camp. Already. I need to get going on this; his last day of school is May 30th. Whimper…

Dinner calls. Steak. And no red wine. And it’s Sunday. And Colorado is a Blue State (no liquor sales on Sunday). It’s a sad thing. ; )


  1. OMG! I tried to buy wine today too! Drove all the way over to Trader Joe’s and TOTALLY forgot it was Sunday! Minnesoa does that too……threw me for a MAJOR loop when I moved here from IL!

    You and I can go buy wine tomorrow…….

    until then, *hug*

  2. RC

    I’m rather sad. You want to throw my birthday month off of the face of the earth. I suppose I shouldn’t be sad, as I won’t have to turn a year older, but sadly, I think what you are doing is just making me age without celebrating it.



    Y’all need to move to Wisconsin. We sell wine on Sunday.

  3. What is wrong with February? January is the worst month of the year. It’s the middle of winter, freezing cold, and the month that I get older. But, it will be over in 3 days. Yahoo, I think I’ll make it. You must feel similarly about February. This February will be good for you though – your parents are coming out to see the family.

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