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Moving day
Moving day

Moving day

Never a Dull Moment is now Laughing At Chaos! (Did’ja notice the name change?) The rumors are true, I’ve moved. 🙂 And, of course, there are boxes and dust everywhere. I keep tripping over things, and sneezing as I do so. But the new digs are magnificent. Christy at Ruby & Roja did an incredible job on the design, got all the little things I was thinking about into a cohesive and colorful design. Cathy at Desperately Seeking WordPress worked on the technical mumbo-jumbo that would have sent me rocking and sucking my thumb under my desk.

OH! You want the address. Well, if you found this, then you’re here. But, please, do me a solid and change your bookmarks to www.laughingatchaos.com. And the name of the site, too.  If you visit via a feed reader, you’ll need to change that too, please.

Stay tuned, I have ideas for this little slice of internets real estate. Been thinking…dangerous, yes. I love this new design, love how it has captured my crazy, wonderful life. And now…I will play with it. 🙂


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