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No rest for the weary
No rest for the weary

No rest for the weary

And on the seventh day, God rested looked at his calendar for the upcoming days and thought, “Crap, I need to prep for the week. That flood ain’t gonna rise by itself, I’m behind on my smiting, and the prayers are stacking up in the sinbox. Sigh…”

No, we haven’t found a new church yet. Why do you ask?

Waaaayyy back in 2009 (you know, eons in blogging time), I wrote a post on HOW I WOULD JUST LOVE A DAY OF REST FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SPARKLY. Two years later and I’m still searching for that day of rest. Almost got it today. Close enough to taste. Tasted like rainbows and sugarcane and roses tossed in front of me by well-built men singing my praises. Yeah, that good. But just as I was about to chomp down and take a big ole’ bite…it was snatched away and I bit my metaphorical tongue.

Too much going on. Things I want to do and enjoy doing. Making food for tomorrow’s Labor Day BBQ. Family from out of town. And also things I don’t care to do and do not enjoy doing. Laundry. Cleaning. Unpacking. Have I mentioned how much I dislike unpacking? Almost as much as I dislike dismantling and cleaning the innards of my dishwasher, which I enjoyed had the pleasure of suffered through yesterday. All things that needed be done.

Has society really gotten to the point that we just can’t take a day off once a week? A day of rest and recuperation and renewal? A day to give a big middle finger to the world and just…relax?

September in Colorado is heaven on earth, and I didn’t appreciate it enough last year. It was a gorgeous fall day today in northern Illinois, like heaven on earth’s next door neighbor. Sunny, big puffy clouds, cooler temperatures so very welcome after several days of heat and humidity. A perfect day for sitting out on the porch with tea and a good book. Or puttering around the yard, getting it ready for colder weather. Or riding bikes or taking a walk or anything involving rest/recuperation/renewal/relaxation.

Note to self: buy a hammock. Use it.

I want need a weekly day of relaxation. A day of no kids pushing boundaries, no arguments, no place to go and nothing to do.

It’ll have to wait til next week.

I’m behind on my smiting too.


Whaddya think?

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