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SPD is real
SPD is real

SPD is real

Dr. Lucy Jane Miller is going to be on the Today show on Tuesday morning. Who is she, you ask? She is the leading (oh, hell, the ONLY) researcher on Sensory Processing Disorder. She has a new book out and yes, I have it coming now. Tivo her appearance. Skip work. Duct tape the kids. Watch her. You will see that SPD is real, and that these kids, while appearing normal to most people, are exhausting. I have a five year old who is still not considered potty trained. Bad parenting? Uh, don’t think so, we’ve tried everything and I mean everything. SPD mimics ADD/ADHD in many ways but isn’t as well known. She’s here in Denver and I hope to someday meet her. Hell, if she can help A, I’ll drop him off at her office every day for as long as it takes. Hello
So give it a watch. I’ll post links to the interview sometime on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see what she says.

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