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Spring, sweet spring
Spring, sweet spring

Spring, sweet spring

Chicago did not have winter. There. I said it. Two annoy-the-hell-outta-me snowfalls is NOT a Chicago winter. Five months of dear sweet God have mercy please make the subzero temperatures end! is a Chicago winter.

While it’s not yet spring it is beginning to warm up. There are green shoots of some sort of bulbs poking out of the ground. I have no idea what they are; I didn’t plant them. But they’re green and green makes me happy.

Today we pulled the grill out of storage…
Ok, I’m interrupting this boring rehash of the day to say, OMG WE PULLED THE GRILL OUT OF STORAGE. People? For the last eight years our grill was bungeed to the deck; to put our beloved grill in the garage for several months truly put a crimp in our Dinner Date Night plans. Tom may have shed a tear pulling it back to the house, and more tears blessing it with hamburgers. And I made margaritas and the boys played “Ghost in the Graveyard” with the kids on the block and ZOMG spring might actually be returning.

Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight, stick a pitcher of margaritas in the fridge, and oil up the flip-flops.

Spring is coming.


  1. Woo hoo! I grew up in MI, so I can totally appreciate the end of winter. There is just something spectacular about the hope that spring brings. I’m in San Diego now & I really prefer Michigan’s spring & summer because people celebrate good weather there. Enjoy!

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