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Talk to the animals
Talk to the animals

Talk to the animals

Whodathunk that it’d be in the upper 70s the first week of November in Colorado? Hmmm??? We have yet to see snow. Very unusual. But a lovely day today certainly lent itself to a lovely experience at the zoo with the boys.

The zoo. I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo. I love walking around on a pleasant day, enjoying the weather and people watching. I really hate seeing animals pent up. The Denver Zoo is gradually renovating and expanding their animal habitats, but it’s still hard to see.

We arrived a little late, so the other adults had to fill me in on what we had missed. Two lions making a third lion and two zebras following their lead. Damn. I have pictures from our last visit, of the monkeys eating their poop, so wild animal sex would have been a fantastic addition to that line of photos.

There were lots of babies this go-round. Baby tigers, baby orangutan, baby giraffes. Not many peacocks strutting this time; might be because one of them attacked a kid last spring. They’re beautiful to watch, but don’t piss them off. And who knows what pisses them off.

I was no more fond of the snakes than I was the last gazillion times I visited. Creepy slimy ropes.

Okapi is proof that God goes on benders. So is the platypus.

Rosie’s Silent But Deadlies are far worse than any smell at the zoo.

Walking around the park with another family and their kids makes taking the boys to the zoo solo considerably easier.

And, as always, wine and an early bedtime for Riff and Raff makes a day complete.

Another filler post? Ya think? Flying solo til Thursday; I’m lucky to still be upright…


  1. Sarah

    Hardly filler. You spent a beautiful November day at the zoo waychig animals make new animals. Don’t see that every day! Or maybe ya do….

    Tho I share similar thoughts on the zoo.

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