May 17 2009

The cold slap of perspective

On Friday I found out that the four year old son (who is only three days older than J) of one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with leukemia last week.

Whining on this site about A’s comparatively mild stomach ailments and that school is already out for the summer will now cease.

Go hug your kids.


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  1. Stimey

    I’m so sorry. That is really scary. My thoughts go out to your friend’s family.

  2. s@bd


  3. Merrily


    I will be holding your friend and her son in the light.

  4. RC

    In October of last year, while we were on vacation, friends of mine lost their less than two-week-old son. To this day, I feel guilty whenever I complain about my son.

    I’ll keep your friend’s family in my prayers.

  5. Me

    I wish I could! Consider yourself “hugged”.

  6. melissaz

    Oh my. That is brutal. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

  7. Jennie

    I think this same little boy goes to the boy’s preschool. He’s got our prayers.

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