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The great national hangover
The great national hangover

The great national hangover

Ahhh…July 5th, the day the United States wakes up gingerly, head pounding, stomach queasy, ears ringing and wonders, “What the hell just happened?” The day when the good ole’ US of A swears to never again have that 6th bratwurst, drink an entire bucket of margaritas, and blow shit up til its ears ring.

But not here in the House of Chaos. No, we don’t celebrate like others. Here we paint on national holidays. Over Memorial Day weekend we embarked upon the Great Painting Job of 2008 and this weekend we tore apart Tom’s office. What, don’t you rip apart entire rooms and paint in 96 degree heat on the southwest corner of the second floor with the window shut and covered with newspaper and the a/c doesn’t work worth crap up there? No? Huh. You’re missing out.

I will post pictures later, after we finish the painting, assembling the furniture, and drinking mass quantities.


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