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The Irish Modifier
The Irish Modifier

The Irish Modifier

Nothing gets me moving through a PITA DIY project like good music. Specifically, what I call Angry Irish Rock. It’s a niche genre. Very niche. The Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Gaelic Storm. I have a Pandora channel that I should probably rename PITA DIY. It’s loud, it’s intense, it uses a certain four-letter-word with great gusto.

One of my favorite songs has the perfect line, “I really f*cked it up this time.” In what is, by all appearances, a love song. I was buried in the boys’ closet this weekend, painting away and belting out that song. It’s a great one to sing, by the way. Tom looked at me curiously and I simply told him it’s a delightful song to sing whilst painting for the umpteenth f*cking hour. And smiled.

Several hours later another song came up, again with the prominent use of f*ck.

Tom: “Very popular word, that.”
Me: “Yes, it’s the Irish Modifier. Used to enhance verbs and adjectives. It was a huge hit in the Irish Schoolhouse Rock!”
Tom: “Really? Kind of an strong word for a kids’ song. And I didn’t know there was an Irish Schoolhouse Rock! Think I could find it on YouTube?”

agape 1 |əˈgāp| adjective
1. (of the mouth) wide open, esp. with surprise or wonder
2. The look on my face for a solid five seconds before I damned near spilt paint all over the floor laughing my ass off because he was 100% serious.

Tom and I met 19 years ago this week and he still makes me laugh.


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