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The last digit of Pi is YUM!
The last digit of Pi is YUM!

The last digit of Pi is YUM!

It is a holiday here in the House of Chaos. And if you’re a geek or raising geeklings, you know what it is.

Pi day. The day we celebrate all things 3.14159etc. That’s as far as my memory can reliably take me; A has memorized 14 digits and is forging ahead to learn more. He’s memorizing random digits, I remember to do laundry. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but we all have clean clothes and I suppose that’s good enough for now.

So for Pi day I’m making a cherry pie AND an apple pie and I’d totally make a key lime pie too, except it’s really warm in Chicago this week and that just serves to remind me that summer is coming and I’d really like to fit into the shorts I own without olive oil, a shoehorn, and an advanced rigging system. But there’s ice cream. Because you can’t have pie without ice cream. We’ll also sing Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein.

And because Vi Hart, bless her speed-talking heart, did a video on tau as well, we’ll be celebrating tau day in June. I have no idea what the hell will be on the menu then, but I’m sure A will plan it all out. Maybe cake.

But definitely ice cream.


  1. cocobean

    I bought my geekling some pie (so I don’t have to fight the shorts!), and handed her a sheet with 3.14 largely written on it. Said “What is that?” she said “An approximation of pi” (smugly) – then I turned over the sheet… and she said “an approximation of PIE” – I reminded her it’s pi day and she hugged the sheet of paper… sometimes it is the simple things.

  2. We had special events for Pi day as well. My favorite = > Every student received 3 pencils with as many numerals of Pi that could fit. The 3.14 is close to the eraser, so the number shrinks as the pencil gets sharpened. I am surprised how much those pencils made me smile.

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