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There for the grace of God go I
There for the grace of God go I

There for the grace of God go I

Horrifying news out of Denver this weekend. A young family went out for hot cocoa Friday night and was mowed down by a drunk driver as they crossed the street. Not hit, mowed down.

Four year old Macie wore her princess costume for the special occasion, her two year old brother Garrison wore his Superman cape. They were killed, along with their mother. Their father is recovering in a Denver hospital and will likely be released today.

Their pictures have been on the news all weekend. Such beautiful children. So young and so innocent. I cannot begin to imagine the horror their father is going through right now. He lost his entire family in an instant.

It could have been any of us, taking our children out for a special treat on a Friday night. They were crossing with the light, kids in a stroller. The truck didn’t stop, didn’t even slow down. The only reason the police were able to find the guy was because the front license plate fell off the truck in the impact.

This has been on my mind all weekend. Hug your kids. Hug them long and hard. Tell them you love them, every single day, even when they make you nuts and you have to force yourself to say it. If I lost my entire family I don’t know what I’d do. They’re all I have, all I need. Go search them out, now, and tell them. Leave a note in a bedroom, send a text message, drop an email. It’s too important to not go do right now.

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