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These are the Good Old Days, right now

Last updated on April 12, 2020

Photobucket School is over. Summer break has begun. In the last six days we have driven over 900 miles through three states, endured a wedding, and are still speaking to one another. We’re in Chicago now visiting my parents and playing tourist. And something come over me the other night as my little nuclear family sat with my parents and my brother and his wife, enjoying the Memorial Day holiday.

These are the Good Old Days.

I could feel it as I sat there. These are the days that someday I’ll look back on with delightful fondness. The days that my sons will someday say, “Remember when…?” and we laugh. Just the comfort and love and acceptance in the room made my soul smile. Taking them to Navy Pier today to play and watch the ships and eat Italian Ice was just memories in the making that we enjoyed today. Having my totally awesome sister in law join us made it even better.

(A joke from A that has me in hysterics these days: “Hey mom! Know why your butt crack is up and down instead of side to side? So when you fall down the stairs you don’t go tttttthhhhhhpppppp….”)

So often I live in the past reliving decisions or in the future weaving dreams in the sky, and forget to experience the NOW. The now is the fun, the now is the juice of life running down your chin, the now is why we’re here.

This month, amidst all the chaos I have going on with travel and summer break and What To Do With My Future, I am participating in NaBloPoMo (Not Just for November Anymore!). The theme this month is “Now.” Apropos, no? It’s something that’s been on my mind lately, how to live more in the moment. I think typing about it for most of 30 days might help just a wee bit.

But now? Bed. For tomorrow is Mecca, Christmas Day, and the Tooth Fairy all wrapped up in one gigantic blue and yellow building.

Tomorrow is IKEA day.

Call for help if I don’t return. Or don’t. I could be very happy living there.


This month’s theme for NaBloPoMo is “Now.”

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  1. Hi There,
    Happy to see you enjoying your summer. I can totally relate to nuclear family gatherings and cannot wait to have mine for one long year of sabbatical in India…coming up this Aug:))
    Enjoy your time. This IS it…surrounded by loved ones:) And, we love IKEA..their simple cafeteria and coffees too:)
    Have a ton of fun!

  2. Tendrils Tendrils

    IKEA. Go. Have fun. Splurge. Wave to the rolling meadows exit…. That’s my home.. X where I sit with Jack and have those same feelings when I’m visiting my parents and siblings. These are the days, my friend! Great post!

  3. Yikes, sorry your visit coordinated with such craptastic weather! Glad you’re here,though.

  4. mmmmm….IKEA. Have fun! And be sure to eat meatballs. 🙂

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