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Things to ponder
Things to ponder

Things to ponder

Kelley had a craptastic day the other day, so I sent her a little chocolate to cheer her up. Please head over to her place, check this post, and let me know if it really does look like that. ; ) Read the comments…trust me.


Anyone else’s kids driving them absolutely batsnot lately? It’s the damned full moon, I swear. I asked A’s OT this afternoon if she noticed the kids she worked with being off the wall this week. Poor woman…she answered YES!!! in every possible way. Just looking at her I had my answer; I’ve never seen her so dragged out. I swear to GOD, my cherubs haven’t been this freaking insane in months.


Someone please tell me why I get so much more done when Tom is out of the house for the day. Why oh why is this? C’mon, this is my second post of the day! How often does that happen? And the house is clean, the laundry is done and put away, my to-do list is completed (for the day, let’s not get crazy here), my emails have been answered…what’s going on?


A few of my favorite bloggers have posted pictures of themselves this week. Robin looks exactly as I pictured her, Karen looks nothing like I imagined (I saw brown wavy hair…the blond threw me). How do y’all “see” me? Now, no cheating. Somewhere back in my archives there might be a picture or two of me. If you’ve never seen those (and don’t go looking…I said no cheating!), what do I look like in your mind’s eye? I’ll get my butt in gear and post a real pic sometime soon. Oh, and my yahoo avatar? How I only wish my hair looked.


I am so done with presidential debates. Is there anything left to discuss? I have the Republican debate playing behind me; my God, shut up.


Lastly, my wee lil’ political rant of earlier today: I guess we’re also getting $300 per kid. Woot! But I think I came off as not liking the money. I’ll take any money anyone, especially the government, wants to throw at me. I just don’t like the idea of being given the money so I will just go out and spend it on “stuff.” I also think it’s too little, too late, but hey, that’s me. Again, give the money to education; that’ll do more good in the long run.


Enough. I’m gonna go do something, anything. Hey, I’m almost done with a book! I could read! And then go back to our New! And! Improved! library to get more books! Me likey this idea…


  1. Karin

    I hate to tell you, but yeah, before I scrolled all the way down, it did cross my mind, and for a minute I thought why the heck is Jen sending us to a porn site? lol!

    So, let’s see – $1200 + $300. I wonder if my hubby will let me use it to buy a new desktop (or part of a new desktop)? 😀

  2. Hmm….$1200 per couple. That’s me and Mike. But then I have Cowboy. Can I get money for him too? If Mike can get money by finding himself a girl, I might be all for it.

    Hey, how about giving that money to teachers? Yeah, homeschool teachers? You know, the ones who pay $$$$ in property tax, plus a new 1% income tax….and who don’t even use the schools!?!?!?

    My hair ain’t blond. My hairdresser made it that way. And that’s not the best picture of me, but I don’t have many front on full face pictures.

    Presidential debate? Heck, I’m still getting over that president Logan was in on the terrorist attacks. I just hope Jack Bauer can bring him down before he gets killed. Again.

  3. Personally I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on that money. I work in dollars and have taken the equivalent of a 15% pay cut since last year as the dollar has continued tanking! I’m getting hammered over here.

    And I’ll go for tall (know that one’s true already), brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. (I’m cheeting and guessing that your avatar is at least slightly representative LOL.)

  4. Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa!

    It’s me! From the p0rn site. Bwaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa!

    As for the kids. OMG you are so right. I have a ton of friends with kids with ASD and we are all ready to run away with the gypsies or install padded rooms. For us.

    My friend is adamant it is the moon cycles. But it could have something to do with 6 weeks at home and school starting back next week!

    Bring it on. Lets par-tay!

  5. ummm…yeah that picture was an odd one! LOL!

    Kids are driving me crazy (at home and at school/work) IT IS THE FULL MOON!!!

    I always pictured tall, sandy brown hair….and glasses.

    We are going to put our money towards building a deck on our house…….so when we walk out the French doors, we don’t stand in a sea of grass! 🙂

    Presidential debates, news stories, commercials, etc are pissing me off. When is this over???!??

    Have fun reading! 😀

  6. If a check for $1800 shows up in my mailbox I will take it, I will cash it, and I will pay the ongoing never fucking ending medical bills with it. (totaled up last years out of pocket excluding payments to so called insurers & had heart failure – don’t suppose that’s covered)

    Year to date medical/dental bills $1,312 – off to a great fucking start don’t you think?!? *bangs head on desk*

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