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Things were supposed to calm down, right?
Things were supposed to calm down, right?

Things were supposed to calm down, right?

Well, I’m into day 2 of Back to School (still the sweetest three words in the English language), and I feel gipped. Things have not calmed down in the slightest. Robin left a comment wondering what I was doing with all my free time, since I was obviously not blogging. LOL! I’m working my way back to my happy little blog, but let me show y’all what yesterday was like. Yesterday is the reason why I’m slogging through today. Gah.

6:00 up out of bed, shower, dress, strip beds, first load of laundry
7:30 drove three little boys to school
8:30 arrived home (yes, it takes a freakin’ hour and there’s an elementary school being built behind my house. I know this). rebooted laundry. did other house stuff. did work stuff.
9:00 took J to first day of preschool. back home, more house stuff, more work stuff.
9:30 meeting about a fundraiser I’m participating in.
11:00 back home. rebooted laundry. more house stuff. more work stuff.
11:30 get J from preschool, lunch
12:30 post office, groceries while J naps
2:00 put away groceries, reboot laundry (notice I haven’t put any away yet), house stuff, work stuff
2:45 get J up, drive him to a friend’s house, Tom and I go to a meeting
3:30 meeting
5:00 get boys at friends’ house, dinner
6:00 bath and bed routine
7:00 boys in bed, fold and put away laundry
7:30 house stuff, work stuff
8:30 collapse on couch with a glass of red wine, a piece of chocolate cake (dang, my neighbor can bake!), and Coundown with Keith Olberman. Say prayer of thanks for Tivo.
9:30 pour body off couch and into bed
6:00am today. repeat.

I’m tired. Open house for school tonight, though. Maybe I’ll find out WTF is going on with the school, ’cause the correspondence is NIL right now. But that’s a post for another day. I have to go do more crap now; A will be home in 90 minutes.

Whaddya think?

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