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Thinking outside the box
Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box

I think it’s been well established here that A thinks outside the box. He not only thinks outside the box, but jumps on top of it and yells at the world that the box is simply a way to get high enough to see into the future and if you don’t like it you can blow it out your ass.

I think it’s also been well established here that A is a square peg being shoved into a round hole. Both the peg and hole are chafing and no amount of Gold Bond Powder will make things right.

He has taught me…is teaching me…that thinking outside the box is the only way to move ahead in life. So I try.

I’m dangerously close to my limit with something in my life. Several somethings. And I have to change. I have to get out of my box and think big, think different. The same thinking that created a situation won’t create a solution.

I promise, I’m not walking out the door to be a docent at a nudist art colony/buffalo ranch/spelunker getaway. Nor am I calling the men with the huggy jacket…yet. But it has gotten close to the point of change being less painful than the fear of change. And that’s when you know that change would be good.

We can’t keep banging our heads against a wall, or screaming into the wind.

It does no one any good.


  1. Vieve

    I wanted to pull a quote from this post to point out how awesome it is, but no, the whole thing is spot on.

    We’ve been there. Making a change can be terrifying. For us, the reality of not changing became equally terrifying, so we leapt. So far, so good.

    May you find the right things to change and the right things to keep.

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