Nov 25 2011

To be thankful

Today was our Thanksgiving. Turkey and family and wobbly card tables full of laughter and a day of togetherness.

And I was thankful.

Thankful that we were all able to be together. That our drive home tomorrow won’t suck our will to live by hour nine. That Tom made his killer stuffing and it was gluten free and there is a lot to take home with us.

After pie we had Christmas.

And there were shrieks of glee, a wrapping paper storm, and Legos everywhere.

Thanksmas is a time to be thankful, to give, to combine holidays because the alternative is to not spend them together. And it works.

Tomorrow morning we return home, to generalized mayhem and life sped up for the holidays. I have no idea where all our Christmas decorations are, and even if I want to pull them out. Thinking Christmas cards this year may be President’s Day cards.

It was a good weekend, one sorely needed away from ourselves at home.

Back to it tomorrow.

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  1. My Kids Mom

    I sent Easter cards once. No one minded, in fact they liked it b/c they had more time to read and even comment to me with lots of notes and emails back. One of my friends sent cards in September but refused to say if they were late 2011 or early 2012. Maybe she’s free for both years.

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