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Tres stylish
Tres stylish

Tres stylish

I may have a sick kid today (ok, yesterday…writing is taking me forever lately), I may have an unrelenting stress headache threatening to hang me by my entrails, and I may have been ordered to report for jury duty first thing Monday morning, but I’m a stylish blogger.

The lovely Kate from Kate Arms-Roberts sent this my way *mumble*three weeks ago*mumble…I’m sorry! It’s been 31 Flavors of Craziness around here, I tell you! I’m especially pickled tink because A) Kate is a writer and B) she called me funny. I stand by the belief I shared with Carmen yesterday that I laugh to keep from screaming, and if X is the worst thing that happens to me today I’m in good shape. Sometimes I even believe that.

So, rules rules rules. Ooh! Maybe I should break the rules! Then I could casually mention on Monday morning that I’m rule-breaker and the attorneys really don’t want me on a jury. No? Wouldn’t work? Crap. Ok, fine.

By accepting the Stylish Blogger Award, I am obligated to reveal seven previously unknown dark and dirty things random things about myself, and then send this on its way to five other bloggers I believe to be workin’ it. The aforementioned five bloggers are hereby released from doing anything with this award unless they so desire, and forgiveness is provided in advance if they go three weeks before acknowledging it. Everyone involved accepts that these are bloggers I think are too sexy for their blogs and/or I deeply envy their writing. Good? Good.

1. I’m a heavy sleeper. No, even more of a heavy sleeper than you/your spouse/your great auntie Mildred, who is a family legend. I once slept through a tornado. While in a tent.

2. I’m not afraid of heights, but God help me if I can see there’s nothing under my feet. Bridges, overpasses, the St. Louis Arch, stairs with nothing between them…I enter meditative breathing and close my eyes if possible. Flying is something else, I just pretend to be a superhero. Or something.

3. Making a peanut butter sandwich on two heels of gluten free bread was a mistake. Bleh.

Agh. Two more? I’ve been blogging for five years, is there anything random or unknown about me by this point?

4. Going into college I was planning to major in special education, with a focus in deaf education. I changed it to music at summer orientation. Fast forward twenty years. I barely touch my flute and am easing into writing as a profession.

5. I’m going to break the rules anyway. I can’t narrow my peeps down to five, so I’m skipping the pick your favorite child list of bloggers part of the pageant. Instead I will take those minutes and go try to scare up something more edible for lunch.

Tonight the love of my life returns home to stay and I hope we’ll dispose of the homestead quickly so we can return to Illinois posthaste.


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