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Vacation is over, kittens
Vacation is over, kittens

Vacation is over, kittens

As soon as I finish this and head up to bed, my “vacation” will be officially over. Done. Fin. For the last two weeks I’ve had my husband around, family around, backup with the boys.

It’s over.

School is out for another week, Tom heads back into the upstairs office in the early a.m., and I believe my darling husband may have shared his cold with me. I’ll know for sure in the morning; I’m fighting it pretty hard. To make it even better, Tom leaves soon for the “oh holy hell mother of all business trips,” followed by several more of a shorter length. We’ll be ships passing in the night until mid-February.

See why I bought two cases of Two Buck Chuck when I was in Chicago?

Le sigh…’twas good while it lasted.


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