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Welcome…and a little help
Welcome…and a little help

Welcome…and a little help

Oh, I’m not dead, just Trapped Under Something Heavy: TUSH. Princess the PMSing Laptop is still out partying with the tech guys; rumor has it she’ll be back the end of this week.  She’ll probably have a wicked hangover and unmentionable tattoos, but it’ll be good to have her back. At least my shakes will subside.

Friday night Denise and I partied with the gals with Mile High Mamas. We had a fantastic time, enjoyed quite a few margaritas and mojitos, and are already planning on hitting the next one in January. So, if you’re here from MHM…welcome! Yes, in the MHM post my blog is called Laughing At Chaos, and it’s Never A Dull Moment here…don’t be confused, you’re in the right place. And I’m probably going to change the name of this place to Laughing At Chaos anyway, so no worries.

Now. A little help. I am thinking very seriously of getting a smartphone to replace my current cell phone/PDA. No, I don’t want an iPhone…at least not yet. I want it to get all the bugs out before I get one. I learned my lesson with the titchy iMac Blue Bondis of many a year ago–don’t get an early version or it’ll turn you off the product for life! So I’m looking at whatever Verizon has available. I have it narrowed down to a Palm Centro or a CrackBlackBerry. I’ll probably go with the Palm, since I’m already familiar with the Palm OS.

My question: talk me into this. How easy is it to use a smartphone? How do you check your emails with it? Can I talk on the phone and check my calendar at the same time? How many minutes/what kind of plan would you recommend? Any thoughts you have? I am in your hands.

Now. I have to toddle back into the kitchen, I’m cooking again today. Why I keep doing this to myself is beyond me, but hey, it means the freezers will be full!


  1. Girl, I wish I could give some words of wisdom, but I’m still using the FREE phone I got from AT&T. I think it was only $30 to buy, so you know it’s not a very hi-tech device!! No camera, nothing fancy, just makes and received calls. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that other stuff, anyway 😉

  2. I use a Verizon Voyager and it’s okay. Only okay. The nice thing is that I purchased the warranty when I got the phone in February. And believe it or not, girlfriend, I’m on my THIRD phone. All at no charge. They are very flex about helping you have a working phone considering I have two youngsters in the house who tend to think of it as a toy. So I’m pleased with the company.

    I thought I’d totally check e-mail with it. But no. I love it for texting and taking pictures and recording videos.

    But obviously you’re not considering this phone. Hubby has had both a palm and a blackberry and LOVES the blackberry a hundred times better. It’s e-mail function rocks in comparison to palm, in his opinion.

  3. eh. Last November, my sweetie and my aunt conspired to get us (sweetie and me) cell phones. I did not want one. I stated so very clearly. Repeatedly. Loudly even. They went shopping and came home with two teeny little phones that flip open and have the tiniest little buttons I have ever seen. And somehow, they were heartbroken that I was not thrilled. How rude of me to say I don’t like it. How rude I was to threaten to drop it in the toilet. How rude of me for not being thrilled to now be on an electronic tether that either of them (and countless other people) can yank at any time and make me jump. Whee.
    I am a contractor. I keep the thing in my side pants pocket, where it takes pictures of the lint that lives there. I do not know how to run the camera nor do I want to know. Occasionally I have my sweetie delete all the pictures of lint so I can take more. When I forget to plug it in at night and it dies by morning, I am scolded. If I leave it home by accident, I am scolded.
    I hate cell phones.

  4. RC

    I’ve kept my PDA and phone separate for now, but my father has a smartphone and it runs off of the same OS as my PDA. Very easy to use and a nice system, I think. Although I do miss my Palm platform a bit (that was just styled for the mobile/mini-computer lifestyle, where Windows Mobile is trying to be Windows, only smaller).

    My father has the AT&T Tilt and LOVES it.

  5. Jen! I have the blackberry curve and absolutely love it! I get all my emails there, have unlimited texts and yes, you can switch between calendar, emails and phone calls. There’s a great website called crackberry.com which has great tutorials and how to’s, but honestly you can figure most of it out on your own. A memory card is essential – it helps when you want to download all the free ringtones out there! I’ve got “monday night football” for when DH calls. Let me know if you have any questions. Come to the dark side!!

  6. Andrea

    And please, spend the extra $50 and get the blackberry curve with the full keyboard. The pearl is cute, but you’ll get tired of pushing a button three times to get to the s. That kind of stuff is for the teenagers!

  7. I used to have a Palm Treo and now have a Motorola Q. I could never – never – go back to a normal phone. Yes, you can run other applications like calendars and contacts while talking on the phone. It is very easy to check email, web surf, etc. Just read your manual and off you’ll go. One thing on my phone was the battery kept going dead way too fast. I realized the default settings had it checking my mail constantly, so I changed to the battery saving option and now all is fine. Happy hunting!

  8. Carmen

    Love, love, love my BlackBerry Curve! Yes, you can check your calendar and contacts while you’re on a call. The full keyboard is a must! Sprint’s Everything plan is a really good deal because you get unlimited EVERYTHING…..texts, minutes, data, etc.

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