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Where’s Smokey the Bear when you need him?

I have a terrible feeling that it’s going to be a really bad fire year on the Front Range. It’s January, and we’ve had three big fires in the last week and a half. The most recent was just west of Denver. It was at 10 acres last night when I went to bed and when I woke up this morning it was over 2700 acres. The 40+ mph winds might have had something to do with it. We’ve been able to see the smoke all morning and could see the actual flames early this morning, before the sun was all the way up. Looking out the window right now I still see smoke, but I heard on CNN that they’re letting residents back in, so I guess it’s mostly under control. I worry about someone tossing a cigarette butt out their car window into the grass field behind my house on a windy day. That happens, and it’s all over. There’s no way it would get out before it took out someone’s house. Eventually a school will be built there and I won’t have to worry about that anymore. But this summer…while the mountains have gotten feet upon feet of snow, the Front Range is tinderbox dry. It’s been really warm and windy, bad news for fires. I’m really worried about this summer.

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