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You are it. Now you are the one who is it. I understand.
You are it. Now you are the one who is it. I understand.

You are it. Now you are the one who is it. I understand.

From the “WTF” file: an elementary school in Colorado Springs has banned tag. They banned chase, too. Are you kidding me? Let’s review. The nation’s children are getting more and more obese. ADHD is on the rise. PE classes and recess are being dropped in favor of more instruction for state testing. And now we have eliminated a running game for our children. The school’s position is that it is “for the students’ safety.” I have a comment for parents in favor of this insanity, for the school, and for anyone else who thinks this is a good idea.

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

Kids are going to get hurt when they play. End of story. It happens, you deal with it, you move on. But eliminating a game where they get to run around and be kids is not going to prevent injury. Hey, parents? Don’t even think of suing a school district if you kid gets hurt on the playground. Unless the playground is solid cement, with no supervision, and a rabid dog refuge next door, drop it. Kids get hurt. Hey, schools? Back off. Kids will be kids. They will run, they will do stupid things…and if school can’t be a place where kids learn the lessons from doing stupid things, well, the school ain’t doing a very good job of education. Yup, I said “ain’t,” and I have a ridiculous amount of education. I see the irony. Moving on…

The kids at this school are not going to have the educational experience of “playground politics.” They’re not going to get to learn how to stand up for themselves and friends, how to negotiate, how to get along with others. I know there is bullying, dammit, I’m in Colorado, and not a week goes by where there isn’t a comment about the extreme bullying that resulted in Columbine. But adults have to take a step back, be very aware of what’s going on, but take a step back and let the kids figure out how to get along. Someday these elementary school students are going to be the leaders of the country, and how in hell are we going to expect them to do that if we’ve never let them think for themselves?

end rant…

Whaddya think?

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