Nov 09 2009

If a good day starts the night before, what the hell did I DO last night?

Based on how bad I feel this morning I should have been up all night partying the night away, drinking straight EverClear with a Moonshine chaser. I think my body is testing how dizzy I can possibly get before I hit the wall and puke til I’m inside out. Today’s plans had originally included running errands, but as I can barely get across the room without falling over I think getting behind the wheel of the MomVan might be unwise. Somehow I did manage to get the boys off to school fed and watered and WITH a bento lunch (I did look at today’s lunch menu: “oriental noodle bowl” just didn’t sound right. At a restaurant, yum…at school, oh sweet Lord the sodium/sugar/fat content has to be through the roof. I hate school lunches).

Today’s plan of getting up and exercising has been scrapped, despite the fact that my fat slightly larger jeans are getting tight. I even got up and got the shoes on. Ain’t happenin’. A shower may be the extent of standing for me this morning if this doesn’t stop. I don’t feel sick, just “off” and dizzy. Practicing today for the recital I’m playing in next month? Unlikely.

Eh, the humor has spun right on outta me. Shower, comfy clothes, and then I’ll reevaluate the rest of the day. Bleh.


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  1. Jamie

    Yuck, hope you get back “on” soon!

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Sounds like a nap would be perfect. Feel better soon!

  3. cms8741

    Hope you feel better by the time you get this comment. Not a fan of the dizzies.

  4. CorrieHowe

    Hope you felt better as the day went on. I like to allow myself comfy days and naps.

  5. Theresa

    How do you feel otherwise? Any symptoms pointing to a sinus thing that might affect your inner ear, or middle ear, or whatever part of your ear that’s required for balance?

    Feel better soon and be careful dang it!

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