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Polar Vortex 2: This Time It’s Personal
Polar Vortex 2: This Time It’s Personal

Polar Vortex 2: This Time It’s Personal

In a world…
Where sanity and weather collide…
Temperatures will fall…a heroine will rise….
Now showing in Chicago…

Five years after the last #$^@#$&^$%^* Polar Vortex, the sequel has been released upon an innocent populace. It is cold, damned cold. Today is the third snow day this week, which means 1) Jack will be making up days until June, 2) we’re getting a little stir-crazy here in the house but THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET, and 3) I am hemorrhaging flute lesson income.

Unlike the last round of please make it stop I promise I’ll appreciate summer more, we own a snowblower now. I…um…kinda threatened my husband with a shovel if he didn’t acquire a mechanical means of snow removal post haste. That was five years ago and we love the blower. It’s done more for our marriage than most…ahem…well, anyway. We’re Team Snowblower over here. We also have sons who are five years older than the last go ’round, and shovel with little complaint. This is a huge step, as last time shoveling just wasn’t a battle I was willing to take on.

This week will bring weather whiplash as we’re expecting temperatures near the 50s, less than a week after we had -50 wind chills. If nothing else, it’s entertaining that we’ll see a 100 degree swing in real feel temps in a week. Oh, and then back to winter. Because Chicago.

Winter can really just go shove it at this point. It’s the 794th day of January; tomorrow begins the eleventy billion years that is the month of February.

I’m so over it I’m over being over it.

Whaddya think?

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