Dec 24 2007

Things that make my spinal cord try to leap up my back to throttle my brain

*During my fruitless trip to Walmart two days ago to find teeny tiny crutches for the child who is now speeding around the house like Speedy Gonzales on Red Bull, I came across two pallets of Easter candy. One of Cadbury Creme Eggs, one of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. This begs the question: are these really fresh or disgustingly stale?

*I have long since given up ever getting my sons to sit on Santa’s lap.  So, of course, driving into church today, A piped up from the backseat that he’d really like to go see Santa today. O-kay…

*My shopping has long been completed. So, of course, driving into church today, A piped up from the backseat that he’d really like a WHOLE BUNCH OF LEGOS (you know, because the 40,000 he already has just aren’t enough). O-kay…

*I believe I was punked during Communion this morning because I caught JC picking his nose last week. I couldn’t get the lil’ cup o’ wine out of the distribution tray. And it was a “may I please have seconds of Communion Wine” morning because I knew after church we were going to see Santa.

*The nearest mall to us is ginormous. As we crested the hill and could see the parking lot, I believe I may have cried like a little girl. Looked like the Detroit Car Show.

*The line to see the big red guy wasn’t too bad…until we were told that there was a line for the line…and Santa was about to go on break…and it would be over two hours until my kids would actually be sitting on red velvet, begging a complete stranger for more crap. Tom and I pulled rank, took the kids to lunch, and got the hell out of there. There will be emails to Santa this afternoon as I make Christmas cookies. Note to self: never, ever, despite how desperately you want a picture of your charming blond boys on Santa’s lap, EVER go to the mall two days before Christmas ever.again.ever.


  1. karen (Pediascribe)

    I did the Santa thing Friday. And it was nearlys bad. But I did it. Cuz this may be the last year. Until I have grandchildren. At least I’m secretly hoping it is, I mean, the kid is almost 11. For crying out loud, if he wasn’t homeschooled, the kids in his class would beat him up over this.

  2. RC

    Do you really, honestly, want the answer to the question on the candy at Walmart?

    And, in a totally odd coincidence, Shopko had Cadbury eggs in one of their sale tables this evening…

    Maybe we all don’t want to know, but it appears Cadbury must have overstocked the entire retail world…

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