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Thursday Thirteen: Sum,Sum,Summertime
Thursday Thirteen: Sum,Sum,Summertime

Thursday Thirteen: Sum,Sum,Summertime

I have exactly 30 minutes before A gets home from school and I have to build a promised Lego airplane. I’m listening to an Irish music podcast and, lo and behold, the sun is attempting to break through the clouds. I’ve done very little this afternoon and dang, I needed it. Whore Spring got me thinking about summer/end of school (!)/WTF are we going to do, so I present: Thirteen Things I want to do this summer!

1. I’m signing A up for summer activities this summer. It’s a delicate balance between getting him out to learn and have a good time and breaking the bank. He and I get along a lot better when we’re not falling over each other for days on end. Last summer, with the mid-summer tonsillectomy, was murder for both of us. It’s also a delicate balance of finding what he’ll enjoy doing and wasting money. Last summer I signed him up for track and, well, it went poorly. I gave up after 4 days. I should have seen it coming, there were too many kids there, too chaotic. He won’t be doing it again this year. I just, and I mean I dropped everything to call (killing half of that aforementioned 30 minutes), signed him up for Camp Invention. It’s right up his alley. I’m also looking into summer camps at the rec center, a space camp at CU, anything to do with Legos, and Bits, Bytes, Bots. What about J? Good question. Sigh…

2. I want to read. No, let me elaborate. I want to pour a very tall glass of iced tea and sit out on my covered patio. I want to be undisturbed. I want an engaging, thick book that does not deal with parenting, giftedness, or ADHD. I also believe in the tooth fairy. Sigh…but Harry Potter #7 comes out in July, so I may get my wish.

3. I want to go to street fairs and farmer’s markets, two things there are plenty of in this area. At the Boulder Creek Street Fair over Memorial Day weekend, I can have my aura read. Ooooohh.

4. I want to go to Grand Junction for the wine festival.

5. I want to potty train J. That will likely happen before summer, as he is ready, I am ready, and my dryer right now is holding a crapload (pun intended) of Elmo tighty-whities.

6. I want my husband back. His job tightens in the spring and he emerges from his office in the summer, pale and squinty and ready to relax.

7. I want to go to outdoor summer concerts. Oh, how I wish Denver had something like Ravinia. I grew up going to concerts there. I played on that stage. I love Ravinia. Red Rocks is so different they don’t even compare.

8. I want to have more than seven things to do.

9. “To do” being a relative term, as I glanced up and saw that my husband was #6, and I’ll definitely do him. ; )

10. OH! I want to have friends over for balloons and fireworks. One is insanely a.m., the other goes pretty late into the p.m.

11. I want to NOT HAVE SEVERE SEASONAL ALLERGIES. I’m already feeling it and just need to get off my keister and call about acupuncture. Yup, I’ve had it with allergy meds; I’ve tried them all and they don’t work anymore.

12. Hey, look! The sun is coming out! (Maybe I have child-induced, adult-onset ADHD…you’ve heard the ADHD joke about “hey, look! A puppy!”)

13. And finally, but not lastly, I DO NOT WANT ONE OF MY SONS TO HAVE SURGERY. Seems like an odd one, but last year J got tubes in his ears and A had a tonsillectomy. I’m soo over the hospital thing. D.O.N.E.

Hey, I made it through another TT! Calls for a celebration! I’ll lift a Lego airplane!

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