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168 Hours Challenge: List of 100 Dreams
168 Hours Challenge: List of 100 Dreams

168 Hours Challenge: List of 100 Dreams

You know what should be on any list I have? The ability to get something posted when I intend to have it posted! Or the ability to set fire to my to-do list, which I have officially named Shemp. Because it’s a Stooge. Not a fan of the Stooges. The author of 168 Hours, Laura Vanderkam, posted her list on 10/1/10. I was going to post mine then too, but I was in Chicago. Then I was going to post yesterday, ’cause 10/10/10 is just cool. But I had company; the very lovely Melissa from Colorful Metaphors came to visit. (As an aside, next time I’m walking into walls because of margaritas, it’s her recipe that’s to blame. The woman knows the differences between tequilas.). Tonight I’m wiped and Shemp is mocking me, but my list will be posted on 10/11/10. ‘Cause that’s the best of both previous attempted dates.

Oh, hey, just in case you didn’t catch it, this will not likely be my best piece of writing. See aforementioned “I’m wiped” comment.

I did not have an easy time with this list. One hundred dreams I wish to accomplish with my 168 hours a week. This will have to be a lifelong list, ’cause I sure won’t be able to accomplish these all in one year. I’m going to follow Laura’s example and break my list into categories, if for no other reason than to have a framework on which to build.


1. God help me, I want to write and publish a book. I have several ideas bouncing around my head, both fiction and non-fiction.

2. Write articles for the general public on giftedness for various parenting magazines.

3. Beef up this here little piece of the interwebz to be a source of sanity for parents of gifted kids.

4. Become a SENG facilitator and lead groups of parents.

5. Take all I’ve learned and lived through to help others. And make them laugh.


6. Play just one more professional level flute recital.

7. Get to the point with my scrapbooking hobby that I no longer feel like I’m not doing it justice.

8. Spend more time with friends and family, just being. This is hard when family is so far off, and friends and I are all so busy. Life moves too fast.

9. Send a handmade card every week to someone, just because.

10. Take a class on wine, so I can appreciate it better. I drink a lot of what is essentially house wine; I’d like to appreciate the finer stuff.

11. Learn the differences between tequilas. Many thanks to Melissa for that one. My liver? Not thanking so much…

12. Learn enough about photography that my Christmas morning photos aren’t humiliating. No, really, the last few years have been baaaadddd.

13. Take a gluten-free cooking class (or seven).

14. Continue with our Sunday evening Dinner Date Nights.

15. But still go out once a month for a nice dinner and grownup conversation.

16. Get regular massages. Yes, I already do this to keep my neck from locking up and ending all the fun. Refuse to give it up, even if it means I go without socks.

17. Spend time alone mindfully.

18. Get professionally taken family photos every two years.

19. Hang out more with the boys, just hanging. Doing what they want to do.

20. Read at least a book a week.

21. Catch enough current movies to stay culturally relevant.

22. Learn to surf. No, really.

23. Climb ONE fourteener before I’m entirely unable or we move away.

24. Take a debate class so I am no longer uncomfortable stating my opinion and backing it up. Been a problem my whole life.

25. Heck with the boys, I want to take a martial arts class. I’d do fencing, but the lunges would kill me.

26. The gym. Every single blessed day.

27. Get back into a size <redacted> and/or one hundred and <ain’t tellin’!> pounds.

28. Learn to walk in heels and own the room.

29. “Plus” the garden. I’m not a master gardener by a long shot, but I want to grow more. Frankly, if I can’t eat it, I don’t want it in my garden. Next year? Corn! Maybe.

30. Have an applause file, where I keep positive notes from friends and strangers.


31. Become financially independent before the boys start college. I have nine years and my money tree died. Better get going.

32. Have enough saved for retirement that I can hire long-term in-home care if need be.

33. Ensure the boys can go to whatever university they’d like. That said, oh please, sweet baby zombie Jesus, get a few scholarships to help things along!

34. Live on a cash-only budget. Like, paper and coins cash-only.

35. Earn enough to support my family if, God FORBID, something were to happen and I had to.

36. Spend mindfully. Not.Easy.

Travel (ooh, this one is a loooong list)

37. Retire for awhile in London or Dublin.

38. Travel all over the world with Tom, to get pictures of us kissing in every city.

39. Visit Australia and New Zealand.

40. Eat my way through Italy; I’ve heard they are incredibly accommodating when it comes to gluten allergies.

41. Go to Tel Aviv and visit Robin. With the whole fam damily.

42. Visit New York (never been) with Tom. See at least one Broadway show and hear the New York Philharmonic.

43. Play tourist in my hometown of Chicago. Hear the Chicago Symphony (I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never heard the CSO).

44. Eat sushi in Tokyo.

45. Visit Dawn in Maine. She promised to take the boys fishing and I want lobster. Cheaper than lunchmeat is here…

46. Kiss the Blarney Stone. Wait, I’ve done this one! Woot!

47. Visit Denmark and see where Tom’s grandfather was born.

48. Return to Victoria, British Columbia, where Tom and I honeymooned. Go up the coast to Point No Point. Best meal of our honeymoon was there. Stay there in the cabins this time.

49. Cruise around the world. See aforementioned dream about kiss pictures.

50. Vacation with the whole family every year. I’m partial to Disney World, but anywhere is good.

51. Eat paella in Spain.

52. Return to Hawaii. Many, many times.


53. Own less crap. If I own it, I must be willing to move it or grieve it if it’s gone. If I own it, it must be of decent quality.

54. Have a home that is comfortable, flexible, and welcoming. Be willing to invest in that. (And, again, whoever designs houses to have the main garage entrance through the laundry room should be beaten with high heels).

55. Sigh. Have a set of “company china” and a place to store and display it. We don’t have a set (and I don’t want my grandmother’s, thankyouverymuch mom!).

56. Own a piano. I may not play very well, but I would still love to have a piano.

57. Good shoes. Sad to say, I’ve reached “that age.” Time to pony up the coinage for support. Gah.

Ok, not even close to 100, but 57 closer than I was this morning. How many of these will I accomplish? Well, some I have, some are in progress, others are merely dreams to work towards.

Now please excuse. I have a book to read.


  1. I made the list! I made the list! I was just sitting here reading the list thinking inspiring thoughts (and trying not to feel inadequate at my own lack of a list) and then boom, there I was! Yay! Someday my friend, some day. The guest room is ready and waiting anytime and I know the kids would have a blast together too.

    Now about that list of my own…

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

    1. Jen

      Fresh caught lobster with butter and a side of “may I have another one, please!?” LOL! I was humbled that I didn’t get closer to 100. I think I need to dream in deeper detail.

  2. Girlfriend, as soon as you’re ready to do #43, I am more than ready to be your tour guide!! Stud and I have seen the CSO several times, once was an incredible Halloween show, hosted by The Son of Svengoolie! We went in costumes and everything. So much fun! As a kid, we went every single year to see the CSO as a band field trip. It was awesome.

    You just say the word, and I’m there. I’m even willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and take some time off from work to give you the tour. tee hee!

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