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168 Hours Challenge Redux Days 5, 6, 7–with bonus recap!
168 Hours Challenge Redux Days 5, 6, 7–with bonus recap!

168 Hours Challenge Redux Days 5, 6, 7–with bonus recap!

Hi there! It’s Monday, which follows Sunday, Saturday, and Friday. And those three days never made it here for the 168 Hours Challenge Redux. Why? Because I was either out doing stuff all the live-long day or crashed out on the couch recovering. Truly not kidding here. The last three days were nutso. A quickie review, because a minute by minute blow by blow would put me to sleep and scare off the last five readers I have.


6:30 am – Up, coffee, shower, grumble

8:00 am – Day long finance seminar where I leave my brain, my soul, and perhaps my spleen. I really can’t remember.

3:00 pm – (When I say day long, I’m not kidding) Errands.

4:30 pm – Put errands stuff away.

5:00 pm – #gtchat.

6:00 pm – Dinner, hang with the whole fam damily, crash hard.


5:30 am – (Yes, up at the crack of crazy on a Saturday) Up, shower, grumble

6:30 am – (Yes, that early. I still can’t believe it either) Starbucks run, work a booth at a local fall festival for Non-Profit #1.

3:00 pm – Tidy up the house for a party that evening.

6:30 pm – Host a Tastefully Simple party.

8:30 pm – Clean up and crash hard.


9:30 am – (After warning the whole fam damily that I would sell anyone who woke me up) Up, coffee, cleaned up

11:30 am – Costco. On a Sunday. With two boys in tow. I survived to tell the tale.

1:00 pm – Put all that stuff away. Realize I forgot to buy lunchmeat, which was in the top three reasons why I ventured out to Costco on a Sunday in the first place.

2:00 pm – Putter around the house while watching the Broncos make the Seahawks whimper for their mommies. And oxygen.

6:00 pm – Twist the thumbscrews help A with homework.

7:00 pm – Dinner date night. Crash hard.

So what did I learn this week? Where did all my time go? Well, because I’m lazy here on a Monday morning (and where the hell are my children? They need to leave for school shortly…), I’m not going to do a total tally, but a general looksee. I spent a lot of time volunteering for the two non-profits. Thrilled about that, because they’re pretty darned high on my “I care” list. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked in the gym, but still, I went and that’s what counts (on a side note, Saturday was freeze your butt off cold and I had to wear a tight long-sleeved shirt under my t-shirt. I could see arm muscles through the tight long-sleeved shirt. Still stunned and giggly. Yes, going to the gym this morning.). I spent a lot of time putzing on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. O-kay, I suppose. I think I could cut that time down and the world wouldn’t end. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked actually writing. This is something I have a hard time with. Because it’s something I love to do, and truly fills me up, it tends to get put last on the list. “If I get all my have-tos done, then I can do the want-tos.” Yes, that’s unhealthy, yes, it’s something my therapist gives me that look about, and yes, it’s something I’m working on. I feel the same way about playing my flute (though I rarely play anymore simply because it causes physical pain damnyoupinchednerveintheback!) and scrapbooking. If I enjoy it, then it has to be put last. Stu-pid. And must stop. Not enough quality time with the boys, too much time in the car, not enough time cleaning my house. Too much time crashed on the couch half-brain-dead, not enough time reading. Not listed: Too Much Time Worrying.

My plan for this week…well, the first half of the week because I’m going up to Winter Park on Thursday with my girlfriends for scrapbooking…is to cut down on worrying (ha! fat chance), mindless computer time, and crashing on the couch drooling because of the worrying. More time on quality writing (seriously, I have so many things half-written it’s freaking me out), more time with the boys, more time cleaning my house. Maybe. I hate cleaning my house.

One last observation. Every.Single.Thing. I did this week involved multi-tasking in some way. That’s gotta stop. But that’s a post for a different day.


    1. Jen

      Well…I knew you’d be watching… 😉 LOL! It’s good for me to log my time and see where my hours really do go! And if I like the breakdown. Oftentimes I don’t. I did like, this last week, the amount of time I spent exercising (this is a huge improvement for me) and doing volunteer work. What I didn’t like was that I wasn’t spending the time I’d like on writing or just hanging with my boys. So now I know and can work on that. Thanks so much for hosting these; hope to see more in the future! 🙂

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