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The Oscar nominations are out this morning and I realized that I haven’t been to a movie in ages. I have seen exactly 3 of the nominated films: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the book was better), Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (the original was the best of the six) and March of the Penguins (I loved it, but explaining why the baby penguin got eaten by the big bird and why penguin eggs freeze was tough). This is why my Netflix queue is almost 80 films long. A babysitter alone is pricey ($7/hour for two kids is average), adding a movie on top of that is really high. But I pretty much watch to see who wins best score. Hey, I’m a musician, can you blame me? John Williams is up for two scores: Memoirs of a Geisha (loved the book!) and Munich. My money is on him, I love his music. The first record (yes, record) I remember owning was the soundtrack to the original Star Wars. I’d listen to it over and over. Tom and I can pick out one of his soundtracks pretty consistently. I can’t pick which one he’ll win for this year, I haven’t heard either soundtrack. But I hope he wins.

And I gotta go add all these movies to my queue…


  1. Karin

    I can’t even remember how long my Netflix queue is…lol! But honestly, there is not one movie among the best picture nominees that I really care to see. Just not my thing. There are others, though, that I’d like to see. We did see Harry Potter at least!

  2. Beth

    Only 80 movies in your queue? I think mine hit 340 this week. Need to get going on the movie watching!! Did anyone notice the snub of Walk The Line on Best Picture and Best Director? I think it may end up with zilch on the big night as I don’t think that Joaquin and/or Reese will be able to overcome Phillip and/or Felicity. Bets anyone?

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