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A day eight years in coming
A day eight years in coming

A day eight years in coming

Not even going to try to do a Wordless Wednesday on these photos. I couldn’t. See? Already written too many words. I’m doomed.



No, I’m not excited.

It’s a day eight years in coming. For eight years I have been a stay at home mom with kids on top of me nearly every day. Summer camps and some part time work and preschool kept the insanity demons at bay, but today…today is the day that all comes to a close.

My sons are in school now.


I strongly believe, that for me, my sons and I should not be together all day every day. Homeschooling isn’t an option for that reason. I deeply admire those who homeschool, but I know that I just can’t do it. It’s hard enough being the boys’ parent without being their school teacher too. I’m a much better parent with my boys gone for chunks of the day, every day. I recognize that about myself and I’ve made my peace with it.

It’s going to be a great year, for them and for me. Back to School is sorta my New Year, always has been. New pencils, new backpacks, a change of season right on the horizon (and with our psycho weather this summer, today is fall-ish for sure), a change in routine…it’s all good.

A was rarin’ to go this morning. I haven’t seen him this prepped for school in a long time. I think the long summer break was wearing on him too. I could barely get a picture of him before he was in the door, then he dropped his stuff in his cubby and was at his desk before I finished wishing his teacher a good morning. It’ll be an interesting few days for him. See, he’s still off his ADHD meds. We’re playing it by ear right now. He’ll go back on meds (though a different one that won’t kill his appetite) only if the ADHD is noticeably affecting his ability to learn. He’s eating, his blood sugar is more stable lately (so he’s not having as many meltdowns…hi! cause, meet effect!), and with a few noticeable exceptions, his behavior really isn’t any more outrageous than any other eight year old. We’ll see, but I’m feeling really good about this right now.

J was excited because A was excited. Then we dropped him off at his room and suddenly…it wasn’t all that exciting anymore. A new school, new classroom, new teacher, new kids…Shy Boy flared up. And then, hallelujah, in came his best friend from preschool who also had the Shy Boy Deer in Headlights look. They grabbed each other, went off to play, and all was well. He’s going to love kindergarten, especially full-day, since he’ll get to do art and music and PE and computers.

It’ll be interesting to see how our lives change now with two kids in school. I’ll have more time to function without distraction, they’ll start to have lives outside our walls (exhilarating and terrifying at the same time), and I think (hope/pray) that things will just be a little smoother.

Don’t burst my bubble, it’s the first day. I didn’t cry at drop off, let me dream a little about how wonderful this is.

A new stage in our lives has begun.

And I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


  1. Jen

    Here’s my standard comment to your posts……me too, me too! Same story for us, and yesterday was our first day. Hoping things are smoother in your house and mine, now that school is in session. 🙂

  2. Wow! Congratulations on getting your life back! Well, at least for 6 hours a day. 😉 It great to hear how excited the boys were on their first day. But, I bet their smiles weren’t nearly as big as Mommy’s, huh? 😛

  3. Amy

    Happy first day of school! I’m actually a little jealous.
    Enjoy these first few days of the new factor, and I look forward to hearing more about how school is going for the boys.

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