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I was originally going to post an apology about my “love letter” to the bus driver (and everyone else) who tears up my street. I don’t usually drop the F-bomb…at least, not in print. And then yesterday in Denver a five year old boy was killed while riding his bike; it’s not known if he darted into traffic. That’s too close to home. A is 6, and is pretty good about staying on the sidewalk, but if he were to somehow lose control of his bike…Oh God.

So I’m going to get a couple of these:


I think, instead of the flag, I may put up a big SLOW DOWN! sign…minus the profanity. Instead of on the grass, these little dudes are going in the street so idiot drivers can see them. I’m scared. And I’m jealous of people who live on slower streets and cul-de-sacs.

Whaddya think?

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