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This is a big thing out here in Colorado, don’t know if it’s as popular anywhere else. Family farms are discovering that a great way to stay afloat is to have “fall festivals.” Open the farm, get a few bouncy castles, a petting zoo, and let families come out and pick vegetables.

J’s preschool had a field trip to a family farm this morning. I wish I’d had such field trips as a kid, this was a blast! We took a hay ride around the property, stopping at all the fields to pick vegetables. J and I picked potatoes, snagged onions from the ground, and pulled stubborn carrots from the dirt. No, seriously, the carrots were determined to stay in there and I was all, no, sorry carrot, you are so coming home with me, I have beef stew ingredients here with the potatoes and onions and, dude, carrots, give it up and let’s go. We also got pumpkins and Indian Corn to dry. Yes, there was a petting zoo where a overzealous sheep really tried to make friends with J, to the point where I had to pick him up (J, not the sheep) and get outta there

I bought some roasted chilis (Mmmmm) on the way out, as well as some local unfiltered honey. I’m going to give the honey allergy cure another try. And tomorrow is beef stew day. Oh yum.

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