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Always darkest before dawn
Always darkest before dawn

Always darkest before dawn

I’ve always had a problem with winter, with the short days and cold temperatures and the way it just goes on and on. Chicago winters are abysmal. Long and cold and never-ending. Colorado winters are considerably better. Not quite as long, not nearly as cold, and instead of never-ending, we have the random few days of warm weather to get us through the season.

That said, I have developed a rather nasty bit of the end-of-winter-blahs. Nothing is really wrong and I suppose I should be thankful this hit in March instead of the usual February. Daylight savings is this weekend (don’t forget!), so that’ll help. But I’m just…blah. Tom is sick, A is sick (and it’s spring break, joy joy), there’s this stupid subpoena hanging over me, my email is down more than up, I have to install a new modem, I’m still hauling around poundage courtesy of that freakin’ steroid, the drug cocktail didn’t work and I’m still having sinus issues (doctor tomorrow, whee!)…get the idea? I need a vacation. I have a scrapbooking retreat in 23 days (yes, I’m counting, wouldn’t you?), but I still have to prep for that. I need to run away and be alone for awhile. Tom has school meeting after school meeting and while I appreciate that being that busy gives him/us some good opportunities, I’d really like to go to some of the mom’s group meetings of which I’m the co-leader. Or just out, anywhere.

So I’m pretty blah and I don’t see much of a way out of it any time soon. I really hope that the time change this weekend will snap me out of it. Or having our tree/lilac bushes delivered and planted on Thursday will bring out the promise of spring in me. Cubs’ opening day is April 7th, maybe that’ll do it. Hey, on Opening Day, they’re still in 1st place. This is next year! LOL

I hope A is better by tomorrow so we can go to playgroup (hey, playgroups are for moms!), and Thursday he’ll have a playgroup with his preschool class. And if it’s nice on Friday, I’d like to go do something. We’ll see. These blahs are nasty.



  1. Mrs. Darling

    My child has sensory integration disorder and is nine years old. I blog extensively about my daily trials and joys with her. Today was especially rough so I went in search of other bloggers who might know what I’m going through. It’s so nice toknow I’m not alone. Blessings to you.

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