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And the verdict…
And the verdict…

And the verdict…

Ruled in our favor. 7-0. Never expected a unanimous vote. Ever.

Because it’s apparent that the school is a go, and I’m anticipating that I’ll be heavily involved (and perhaps serve on the Board of Directors), this will be the last I’ll write about the charter school. I can’t risk anything interfering with the success of this school, so I’m done with it here.

My poor husband may be getting the brunt of it all now. 😉

7-0. Stunning.

This calls for wine.


  1. JenC

    Congratulations, Jen. Unanimous is awesome- it really sends a message for support from the state! As I’ve said before, the more school options our kids have, the better all of them have to be to draw the students. And now the work really begins…

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