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Attack of the First World Problems!
Attack of the First World Problems!

Attack of the First World Problems!

Despite how I may grumble about this/that/the other thing, I really do know that 99% of it all falls under First World Problems. Doesn’t make it any more fun, but lends a certain perspective when I think I’m going to lose my everlovin’ mind.

  1. MacDreamy2 is having an extended visit with the Genius Bar. It’s been crashing and blurping and having random seizures for the last few months. Last Friday night’s Monitor Scramble of Death was the last straw and in it went. I’ve never been so happy to see a big red FAILED splashed across a screen in my life; the logic board was dying, it was a known issue with this make and model, and the repair isn’t going to cost me a cent. That said, it’s been two days and I’m twitchy as hell. I want my baby back, I’m sick of typing with my thumbs. If this little scenario sounds familiar, that’s because it’s deja vu all over again
  2. Mother Nature is drunk. It was nearly 90 several days ago and last night we had frost. Ruby The New Rhubarb Plant loves this weather, but all my other plants have been commuting between the great outdoors and my sunroom floor. The electric blanket has been put away for the summer, and thus Tom was the very lucky recipient of my ice-cold feet last night. I don’t trust the weather to stay nice anymore, and frankly, Tom Skilling is getting a little too much joy out of these unseasonable temperatures.
  3. I’m convinced aliens are abducting me while I sleep. I get a full night’s sleep and still wake up in the morning exhausted. Either that or I need a new pillow.
  4. I love my sons to the ends of the earth and back a million times, but I am sick of them. Yes, I said it. And here is why: from the moment I haul my butt out of bed until the moment I drag myself back we are at loggerheads. I have to get J up early to make the bus, and A’s whacked out sleep keeps him up late at night. So I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I’m not getting a break lately.
  5. That said, I can not wait for school to get out. No more homework, no more packing lunches, and both boys are going to day camp…and if I get more flute students, even more day camp! A break!
  6. Everywhere I look, in every room including the yard, there is a project that is only half-completed or mocking me to start. Tom is at the tail end of his crazybusy season, and we don’t have a free weekend until nearly July. Projects include getting the boys into their own rooms (we’ll miss you, dedicated LEGO room, but they need some personal space), re-landscaping and moving hostas to shadier parts of the yard, building a patio, cleaning out the crawl space so I can find things like tax returns without getting buried in boxes, and organizing the boys’ books so I quit buying books they already own <shaking fist at the uber-awesome Scholastic Warehouse Sale>. Those are only a few of the projects, god help me.
  7. I have a dozen blog post ideas on a list/half-written. See #1, #3, #4, and #6 why none of those 12 have yet seen the light of day.
  8. I injured my hip digging in the garden last week. Hurts when I sit, stand, walk, use stairs. So basically all the time. I blame my sedentary lifestyle and <coughcough> pounds I need to lose.
  9. Just read through a bunch of old posts looking for something; my outlook on life is seriously messed up and has been for years. This is curious and disturbing. I also used to be funnier. That’s just disturbing.
  10. It’s official, I need a second crown. I’m so talented that I have cracked TWO teeth from my jaw spasms/TMJ/hard bite guard. Just gonna hold off a few months before getting it fixed.

First world problems. Better than the zombie apocalypse.


  1. When temps were 90 earlier this week, husband mused perhaps we were too late planting the lettuce. Last night we were worried about the tomato plants dying. It’s hard for anyone to stay sane in this weather.

    Here’s to more flute students, so your boys have more camp!

    1. Jen

      I’m up to seven students, with rumors of an eighth to call. I get to ten and I have to find studio space or the wheels will fall off the MomVan from all the driving.
      And I keep hearing that the temps will again rise; I’ll believe it when I feel it.

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