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Back to school
Back to school

Back to school

I always enjoyed going back to school. At least, I didn’t hate it. Most of the time I had been going back for a week or so because of band camp. And then I became a teacher and didn’t so much like it anymore.

As of today, Mama loooooves back to school. A is officially a first grader. He started this week with assessment testing, then a half day, and today is full-blown all-day school. And I couldn’t be happier. He’ll be happier, too. He likes school, just hates homework. But that’s a battle I’ll worry about later. Right now, I’m happy, he’s happy.

And I’m, um, bored. He’s been gone for about 45 minutes now. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee, J is outside playing, the kitchen is clean, the beds are made, and it’s too early to call the people I need to call. The laundry isn’t even ready to toss in the dryer. This reminds me of when I’d come home from college for winter break. I’d be so busy those last few weeks of college with papers, concerts, recitals, juries, and finals, that when I got home I would literally walk around the house for two or three days just shaking, convinced that I had something that needed to be done immediately.

I’m sure I’ll get over this.

Next week I drive carpool up to the school. Two first graders and a second grader. All boys. Oh boy.

But today, and tomorrow, I don’t drive at all. And I’m going to enjoy the semi-quiet (J is pretty low-key).

Next week J starts preschool. And I start getting my groove back. Mama can’t wait.

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