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Beautiful chaos
Beautiful chaos

Beautiful chaos

This summer my parents bought a second home in Wisconsin. It’s not a long drive for any of us, so it’s someplace we hope to escape to often in the future. We all went up over Labor Day weekend; my parents, my crew, my brother and his family. We had a blast.

We repeated it for Thanksgiving. Six adults, three young boys aged 11, 8, and 19 months. My boys and my sweet little nephew, C, are the best of friends. He and A share a birthday, just ten years apart. Watching the three of them run around laughing is a balm to the soul. The rest of us are doing as little as possible. It is delightful.

The chaos has been…delicious. The boys all play chase, Rosie the flatulent dog hovers underfoot just in case someone drops food, and the rest of us are doing as little as possible. Sense a theme here? The best kind of vacation.

And I am one happy camper.

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